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Clarence Center, NY 14032
Phone: 716-741-3187

We Serve The Responsible Gun Owner

Gunboat Outfitters repairs, services, and sells guns to assist the needs of the responsible shooter. Whether it be: target, hunting, shotgun, black powder, Justice Department, or home and personal defense, GBO treats everything as if it really matters, because it does.

GBO has machine and woodshop services on site for action and stock repair or restoration. GBO also offers hot tank blueing and other metal finishing for those guns whose finish has taken the test of time and use. 

Custom work and restoration are specialties for those that need a new part for their older gun, or would like a feature not commonly found from the manufacturer.

Sight and scope installations are also a service, particularly for those guns that don't have readily available after-market alternatives. All scope ring installations are carefully checked and adjusted with alignment bars and the scopes are verified for optical center before installation.

Every used gun that GBO sells has been disassembled, repaired if needed, and is test fired for reliable function and accuracy.